Paving the road ahead

The name Moto Sonora, along with flavors Victory or Death, Road of Bones, Belly Tank and White Flag, were all chosen as tribute to the golden age of cross-country road racing, and a call out to the brewery’s home base in the Sonoran Desert. A raw, authentic brand identity was needed to attract dusty travelers, adventure-seekers, and even desk jockeys in search of performance-engineered beer. Through the implementation of warm earth tone colors, we infused the familiarity of the gritty desert landscape into the brand’s livery, while leveraging vintage racing elements across the brand’s multiple touch points.


Blonde Ale

Named for the famed dry lakes racers made from the auxiliary tanks of WWII fighters. These surplus tanks turned racers slipped through the air along the dry lakes of California and Nevada at incredible speeds. With a low aby, full flavor and a golden color, this is the perfect beer to celebrate a record setting run in the desert!


Belgian WIT

When there is one lap left in a race, the marshal throws the white flag. When you see it as a driver you know that you are almost home free if you can hold on to your lead for just one lap more. Have a pint of our traditional Belgian White and you know that you are about to win.


Russian Imperial Stout

Named for the road that crosses the Russian far east, the original Road of Bones took the lives of many who built it and whose bones form the bedrock of the road.Our Imperial Stout is a tribute to those men and is strong stuff. This stout is no more a session beer than the Road of Bones is a Sunday drive. Drink carefully.


Southwestern IPA

Life is a journey to the grave. The dust in the middle determines the mettle of our lives. You might choose to arrive safely, in a well-preserved body. We prefer to skid broadside into death’s embrace. Tired and used up, smile creased into our faces from a life lived in hard search of the edge. The only way to live. And the only IPA we drink.