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  • Belly Tank Blonde Ale 4.9% ABV

    Named for the famed dry lakes racers made from the auxiliary tanks of WWII fighters. These surplus tanks turned record setters slipped through the air along the dry lakes of the Southwest at incredible speeds. With a low ABV, full flavor and a golden color, this is the perfect beer to celebrate a record setting run in the scorching desert! Bronze Medal 2022 AZ Craft Beer Awards. US Beer Tasting Champion SW Region 2021.

  • Victory or Death IPA 6.7% ABV

    Life is a journey to the grave. The dust in the middle determines the mettle of our lives. You might choose to arrive safely, in a well-preserved body. We prefer to skid broadside into death’s embrace. Tired and used up, smile creased into our faces from a life lived in hard search of the edge. The only way to live. This IPA is dry with notes of grapefruit and pine. Goes well with a dusty grin on your face. US Beer Tasting Champion, Rockies/SW Region Best IPA 2021

  • Fog Lights Hazy IPA 6.5% ABV

    This is our take on a new classic. Big juicy hop notes of grapefruit balance the delicate bitterness in this Seattle-inspired IPA. Made with organic Citra TM and Motueka TM hops. Fog lights on your car help you navigate safely on the coast of the Pacific Northwest, and Fog Lights IPA in your hand will help you see what some well placed hops can do for an India Pale Ale!

  • Superleggera Italian Pilsner 5.7% ABV

    Italian for “Super Light” Superleggera was a term created for cars made to be as light and fast as possible, while still looking and acting like regular cars. In the spirit of classic Italian Style Pilsners, our take is clean and crisp and has nothing to hide. clean and dry with a little bit of hop spice, light and fast with an understated appearance. Superleggera Italian Pils drinks as easy and clean as a classic Aston Martin Superleggera drives. You will return to this beer over and over.

  • Testarossa Raspberry Hibiscus Ale 5.5% ABV

    Meaning “red head” in Italian, the original Ferrari Testa Rossa was named for the red cylinder heads on the Ferrari 250 TR which ran at Le Mans from 1957 to 1961. Like the original car, our red head is easy to look at and much easier to drink with light base and beautiful color. With fresh raspberries, hibiscus and lactose for balance, the Mosaic hops still shine like those beautiful cylinder heads. It takes two hands to drive a Ferrari, so drink this one after your day at the track.